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We offer a wide variety of advertising options.
Please note all advertising is sold on a first-come first-served basis. Existing banner advertisements will be removed and replaced with yours.
Below we have shrunk each page on christmas-markets.org to illustrate the advertising spaces available.
If you would like to view more information for an advertisement option, click on the page name or picture for full details. Each advertisement is subject to individual terms and conditions per space (text, jpeg, flash etc).
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Gain maximum exposure by placing your advertisement on the homepage!
Guaranteed to be noticed by all website visitors

As an integral part of the web site navigational structure, your advertisement will certainly get noticed when our visitors browse through the 'All Locations' page!

If you are a tour operator, travel agency, hotelier, restaurant chain etc. get your advertisement noticed when our visitors search by country!

Advertise your service specific to your own location. Our web site visitors will be looking for your services!

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Ref Dimensions (px) Price
A1 250 x 60 450
H1 520 x 250 450
H2 250 x 250 220
(ex V.A.T.)

Please note: The A1 option appears on every page (over 80 pages!)
Ref Dimensions (px) Price
AL1 250 x 1000... 460
AL2 250 x 500 350
AL3 250 x 250 190
AL4 250 x 100 150
(ex V.A.T.)
Ref Dimensions (px) Price
C1 520 x 250 220
C2 250 x 250 150
(ex V.A.T.)
Ref Dimensions (px) Price
L1 250 x 700 270
L2 250 x 250 90
L3 250 x 100 60
L4 Text: 4 Lines 40
(ex V.A.T.)

Please note: The L1 option includes an additional image.
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