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Vienna Advent Market beneath the spires of the Rathaus

or Christ Child. Children believe that the “Christ Child” gives them gifts because of their good deeds. The arrival of gifts is announced by the tinkling of the bell that ascertains the arrival of “Christ Child” in the room where the Christmas tree is kept decorated.   

• ‘Silent Night’, the popular Christmas carol, originated in Austria in the early 19th century, on 24th December 1818 to be precise. Apparently, Father Joseph Mohr was in the church for the Christmas Eve celebrations and he realized that the church organ had broken down. However, since Christmas could not be imagined without a carol, father Mohr created a song and sang it with the accompaniment of guitar, played by Franz Xaver Gruber. This carol has been translated into 44 languages since then.

• A traditional Austrian Christmas dinner includes “Gebackenerkarpfen” or fried carp, “Sachertorte” or the chocolate and apricot cake, chocolate frosting served along with Christmas cookies.

• On Christmas Eve, families living in the mountains descend to the valley, while singing all the way down. This has been a tradition for quite some time now.

Thus, Christmas is truly a festival that involves exquisite features of togetherness, celebration, joy and faith all over the world




 St.Nicholas and Krampus

Krampus comes to town!

St. Nicholas and Krampus
During Advent, St. Nicholas is often seen on the streets of Austrian towns being preceded by Krampus, a scary looking figure dressed in an animal-fur suit and horned mask, ringing a cowbell. Parents warn children that Krampus will carry them away if they don't behave.
In early December St. Nicholas visits the holiday villages of Axams, Igls and Zirl near Innsbruck, accompanied by a host of young and old, and small and tall Krampus’ who roam the streets causing mayhem!
A spectacular sight with hundreds of the little devils running around!





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