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1 Dec - 02 Jan 2018

Christmas in Ljubljana has true festive atmosphere with lovely winter scenery of snow covered willow trees lining Ljubljanica riverbank. Ljubljana’s centre is dressed up in colourful Christmas lights that turns the downtown into a beautiful winter scenery.

The official Christmas Market of Ljubljana is set up along the Ljubjanica river in the centre of the town. Another festive market the St Nicholas Fair welcomes everyone on Presernov Trg. (early Dec)

The wooden stalls decorated with Xmas ornaments and lights sell craftwork, Slovenian specialities, mulled wine (kuhano vino), warm honey schnapps (medica) fried sausages and other delicious snacks.

Ljubljana has a very lively atmosphere with a choice of stylish bars and clubs, romantic cafes and riverside restaurants, and an active and varied cultural life ensuring a wonderful and exciting Christmas stay for everyone.

Things to Do and See

Apart from the two Christmas markets a string of other events in the spirit of the Christmas holidays take place in Ljubljana including programs for children.

The procession featuring St Nicholas and Frost Grandpa (Dedek Mraz) is highly recommended for families with little kids. Planned route of Frost Granpa’s and his friends’ procession is Krekov trg - Ciril-Metodov trg - Mestni trg - Stritarjeva ulica - Presernov trg - Wolfova ulica - Zvezda Park.

Traditional Christmas Cribs will be on display in churches, the Cathedral and ChapelThere’ll be other children programs including creative workshops, juggle, fire eating shows, musical performances in the Fairy Tale Town in Zvezda Park

A temporary ice-skating ring on Plecnikov trg Square adds to the winter fun in Ljubljana.

The area of the Cobbler’s Bridge hosts street theatre performances.

Children choirs from various schools from Ljubljana will give concerts (classical, jazz, and rock) on the stairway in front of the Town Hall. Sundays also offer a traditional flea market.
10.00 - 20.00 daily

Away from the market Ljubljana's Old Town features a picturesque river, cobbled streets dotted with quaint squares and interesting shops, a colourful food market, wide choice of restaurants and mix of Baroque, Art Nouveau and 20th century architecture.

No trip to the city would be complete without taking a funicular ride up to the mediaeval hilltop Castle, the site was inhabited back in the 12th century BC, to enjoy panoramic views over Ljubljana and beyond.

UK Tourist Office:
T: +44 (0)870 2255 305

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How to say "Merry Christmas" in Slovene: Vesel Bozic

Local dishes: Slovenian food is heavily influenced by the food of its neighbours. From Austria, it’s klobasa (sausage), zavitek (strudel) and Dunajski zrezek (Wiener schnitzel). Njoki (potato dumplings), rizota (risotto) and the ravioli-like zlikrofi are obviously Italian. Hungary has contributed golaz (goulash), paprikas (chicken or beef ’stew’) and palacinke (thin pancakes filled with jam or nuts and topped with chocolate. And then there’s burek, a greasy, layered cheese, meat or even apple pie served at takeaway places everywhere. No Slovenian meal is complete without soup, be it the simple goveja juha z rezanci (beef broth with little egg noodles) or zelenjavna juha (vegetable soup).


During the Festive Season Slovenia is even more attractive and lively than usual. During this time the most lovely Christmas fairs come to life and the country is visited by three eagerly awaited men - St. Nicholas, Santa Claus and Grandfather Frost. Ljubljana is by far the most lively location, and in December becomes a popular centre for socialising, with numerous events taking place outdoors. The festive spirit can also be felt in Maribor and Celje in ätajerska region, Bled and Radovljica in Gorenjska region, on the Slovenian coast and in numerous other towns throughout the country.

On Christmas Day in Bled, the legend of the Wishing Bell will be re-enacted. The illuminated bell, which according to legend is sunk in the famous Lake Bled, will be raised from the depths of the lake to the accompaniment of music and narration of the legend.

For more information about Slovenia's festive events visit
Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia with 157,947 inhabitants] Maribor is also the largest and the capital city of Slovenian region Lower Styria

24 Nov - 31 Dec 2017

In Maribor, festive lights are also turned on, the ice rink is sparkling, the city squares and streets are filled with more than thirty festive stalls, every day up until the New Year`s Eve celebrations. There, the St. Nicholas, Christmas and New Year fairs, delight everyone. Numerous Christmas and New Year`s Eve concerts are organised at Leon štukelj Square, the largest square in Slovenia. The city comes to life with magical New Year`s Eve events on fairy-like squares, streets and courtyards.

Celje in December, a very special fairy-tale land which is a real paradise for the youngest visitors, opens its doors in the old town of Celje (also known as The Prince Town).

In that period, children have the opportunity to dance with fairies, dwarfs and snowmen, and are also visited by Santa. You can take a special fairytale train to Celje. On the way, fairies will make your trip shorter by telling stories. You can arrive to Celje from Ljubljana, Maribor, Velenje and other towns as well. In addition to the fairy-tale streets of the old town, there are a number of stalls in the old town that shine under the festive lights and a number of music concerts are organized and reach the grand final on the longest night of the year.
Things to see and do in Ljubljana

Old Town
Wander around the Old Town and soak up the atmosphere, or rest your legs at one of the many outdoor cafes and bars that you'll find. You'll also discover charming squares, fountains and plenty of shops.

Ljubljana Castle
One of the best-known tourist attractions in Ljubljana. Climb the tower of Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to spectacular views over the city and the mountains beyond.

National Gallery
Slovenia's national art collection is well worth a visit if you like art and you're after a relaxed afternoon amongst some masterpieces. Look out for works by Slovenian masters like Grohar, Jakopic and Azbe.

Metelkova City
Head over to Metelkova City to get a taste of the artsy, bohemian side of Ljubljana life. This is the hip part of town and is home to art studios, nightclubs, and bars, not to mention a dedicated alternative artistic community. It's a good place to start if you're looking for a fun night out.

Tivoli Park
Perfect for a picnic in the Slovenian summer sun, Tivoli Park is the largest park in the city and is where the locals come to get away from the rush.

Atlantis Water Park
If you want to cool off and keep the kids entertained, head to Atlantis Water Park. A huge number of pools and water slides await the kids while saunas, baths cafes and restaurants are waiting for you oldies.
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